Delivery times/shipping costs for YOUNiiK® styling skins

Destination Styling skins for Shipping charge free shipping as of
European Union cell phones, MP3-player € 2,95 € 35,00
netbooks, handheld-consoles, bumper sticker , external HD,  tablet-PC € 3,95 € 35,00
laptops and gaming consoles € 4,95 € 35,00
PCs € 5,90 € 35,00
TV sets, touch -PC € 6,50 n. a.
Switzerland cell phones, MP3-player, bumper sticker CHF 4,7 CHF 50,00
netbooks, handheld consoles, external HDs CHF 7,00 CHF 50,00
laptops, gaming consoles, small PCs, tablet-PC CHF 11,5 CHF 50,00
PC large CHF 20,00 CHF 50,00
TV sets, touch-PC CHF 24,00 n. a.
all other countries cell phones, MP3-player, bumper sticker USD 9,90 n.a.
laptops, netbooks, gaming consoles, PC etc. USD 13,90 n.a.

We are fulfilling highest quality standards when producing your YOUNiiK® styling skin. This also implicates that the production process can take up to 36 hours. After we receive your order and payment,  your YOUNiiK® is printed, laminated and cutted, including an minimum 24 hour drying phase. After this, your YOUNiiK® styling skin has to pass our quality control and is being shipped. We are sure that you will accept these couple of days for production as by doing so, we can guarantee you a high quality, long-lasting product.

Delivery times within Europe are about 4-7 working days for all skins.

By checking the order status you will always know in what stage of the production cycle your YOUNiiK® actually is.

Uni Colours of YOUNiiK


For those preferring a monochrome styling, here are the  trend colours of the coming season for mobile phones, laptops and co. If you wish a totally individual hue: use the YOUNiiK® Designer and get your personal shade just by defining the desired background-colour.

The new sizes

YOUNiiK® Skins new for Tablet-PCs and in XXL for PCs! These sizes also perfectly fit furniture, plastic or cardboard boxes and any other items with smooth surface needing some style, colour and fresh-up!