YOUNiiK® Test Department

YOUNiiK styling skins protect your electronic devices, the colours are safeguarded against ultraviolet rays and bleaching, and last not least  the foil can be removed without any residue but doesn't get loose even under critical conditions!


Hardly to believe? Our test department has set put YOUNiiK® styling skins to the acid test in really extreme situations!  


NOTE: Genuine mobile phones would never survive such a test. Please DO NOT TRY to reproduce such a test at home! Genuine electronics could even explode due to the batteries inside. For our tests, we have only used dummies without any battery or electronic components!  

The only genuine part in this test is our YOUNiiK® styling skin - it  just came out of our standard production!


Episode I: Heat Resistance

Imagine: you forgot your mobile phone in your car (anyway, you never should do so as a YOUNiiK® designed mobile is a far greater seduction for bad boys). There is an outside temperature of  35° degree Celsius (which is around 95° Fahrenheit) and no shady parking lot around - it could get rather hot within the car ... Or your device produces waste heat itself.


Thus, the test department decided for a heat resistance test:



Episode II: Water Resistance

Does YOUNiiK® really stand each any wind and weather? What will happen if you come into a real downpour -even with warm water?

The test department wanted to have facts also about this question - and they strained our YOUNiiK® skins with a stress test of a really specific type ...



One notion - one sign

That's the real "power" on your mobile - you can find it in our design category  "Asia".

Wood for mobile phone & co.

Nailed doors, old fences, weathered boxes: YOUNiiK® brings wood-like appearance instead of high-tec- feeling.  And our new design "Burls"  in root-wood look gives your device truly really elegant touch!

Your photo - your design

Make your own

From a photo to a very personal device styling: with the  YOUNiiK® Designer, your best photos will pop up on your mobile phone, your notebook or any other gadget. Or just get  a skin for one of our  standard sizes, then you can apply your pictures to any smooth surface. Your design - your style -your YOUNiiK!

The Portal

City of Bones "The Portal"

Welcome to the World below the World - welcome to "Mortal Instruments - City of Bones"! Find all you like about it in our design category "City of Bones".