Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon DesignBreast cancer is everybody’s concern! The pink bow “Pink Ribbon” has become a distinctive symbol for awareness of breast cancer. Pink Ribbon aims at raising attention to early detection of breast cancer.

YOUNiiK® would like to make it’s contribution to this topic of growing importance. The net receipt of each YOUNiiK® styling skin with the Pink Ribbon design is being donated to Pink Ribbon. It’s that easy to help!

The exclusive „Pink Ribbon“ design was developed by the well-known body painter Filippo Ioco. The basic design had been created during a body painting session with Regina Halmich for the campaign “Look carefully instead of look away”. After that, this design was especially adopted for the use on YOUNiiK® styling skins. By now, hundreds of mobile phones, cases, laptops, tablet pc, game console and many other gadgets can spread the Pink Ribbon message.

For all who would like to help and set a sign: get the Pink Ribbon design for your gadget. Each styling skin for a mobile phone supports Pink Ribbon with at least 3.80 Euro!

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Totally mobile - YOUNiiKs pimp up the most mobile device! Get your photo, your design or a YOUNiiK® design on your car! Due to highest quality, it wil be still there when your car gets out of the car-wash plant! 


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YOUNiiK® Skins new for Tablet-PCs and in XXL for PCs! These sizes also perfectly fit furniture, plastic or cardboard boxes and any other items with smooth surface needing some style, colour and fresh-up!