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We are permantenty extending the range of supported device types. Here you will find a quick overview of what's new in our device type portfolio.

Note: all our designs are available for all typs of devices (except TVs and Touch-PCs)! 

Category "mobile phones":

- Sony Ericsson txt pro

- LG C330

- LG P920 Optimus 3D

- LG GT 400 Viewty

- Samsung B7722i Duo S

- HTC Incredible S 710E

- Motorla Wilder

- HTC Desire Z
- Samsung Omnia II i8000

- Samsung E2230

Categorie "Tablet-PC/eBook-Reader":

- Amazon Kindle WiFi

- Amazon Kindle 3G+WiFi

- Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi P1010
- Apple iPad2 Wifi with logo cut
- Apple iPad2 Wifi withou ogo cut
- Apple iPad2 WiFi + 3G with logo cut
- Apple iPad2 WiFi + 3G without logo cut

Categorie "Notebooks/Netbooks"

- Dell Latitude D810
- Dell Latitude D820
- Lenovo ThinkPad T60P
- Lenovo ThinkPad T61
- Lenovo ThinkPad T61P 
- Medion Akoya E4212
- Samsung R540 Serie

- Medion Erazer X6815
- Dell Latitude D800

Categorie "MP3-Player"

- Apple iPod Touch 4G without Logocut

- Apple iPod Touch 4G

- Apple iPod Nano 6G with/withoutLogocut

- Microsoft  ZUNE 8GB
- Sony  NWZ-E 433
- Samsung  YP-Q 2 JCB 8GB

Categorie "Gaming console":

- Sony PS Controller Dual Shock 3

- Nintendo  3DS
- Sony Playstation Portable Go

- Nintendo DSi XL

If you are missing your device type, send us an e-mail to We will inform you as soon as this typ is available!

YOUNiiK® goes golf

Gone golfing ...

YOUNiiK® golf designs

... the most beautiful sentence for every golfer! YOUNiiK® golf designs don't help for a better handicap, but they complete your stylish outfit - even your mobile is fit for golf!

YOUNiiK® Mermaids

YOUNiiKs for mermaids

YOUNiiK® Mermaids

For all mermaid fans! Exclusively here you get the perfect style for your mobile - with YOUNiiK's collection "H2O - Just add water"


Uni Colours of YOUNiiK


For those preferring a monochrome styling, here are the  trend colours of the coming season for mobile phones, laptops and co. If you wish a totally individual hue: use the YOUNiiK® Designer and get your personal shade just by defining the desired background-colour.


Get the power of a rhino on your gadget - with the hot styles "Urban Jungle" und "Cranberry Glow" in our category "Urban Life"!

Your photo - your design

Make your own

From a photo to a very personal device styling: with the  YOUNiiK® Designer, your best photos will pop up on your mobile phone, your notebook or any other gadget. Or just get  a skin for one of our  standard sizes, then you can apply your pictures to any smooth surface. Your design - your style -your YOUNiiK!