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How do I properly affix my YOUNiiK® styling skin?Is it easy to remove a YOUNiiK® styling skin?Can bubbles occur when affixing a YOUNiiK® styling skin?What's the life period of a YOUNiiK® styling skin?How often do you publish new designs?What can I do if my device is not available in your selection?Can I order a YOUNiiK® also for other objects than the offered electronic devices?What payment methods do you offer?What about delivery times?What do you charge for shipping and delivery?Can I buy electronic devices on this website?Can I also affix the YOUNiiK® to device surfaces with previous damages?
Of course it’s possible to affix a YOUNiiK® to surfaces already showing fairly significant signs of wear and tear (e.g. scratches, damaged lacquer). However, removing the film from such a surface could result in bits of enamel remaining on the film as underneath the damaged lacquer humidity could have infiltrated.

Therefore, the surface is affected already a lot more than to be seen on first glance. These parts of lacquer are only clinging loosely to the device’s surface. Thus, they could get caught by the film when you try to remove the YOUNiiK® styling skin.

However, you can minimize or completely avoid this effect by warming up the film prior to removing it (use a hairdryer for best results).

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