Frequently Asked Questions

How do I properly affix my YOUNiiK® styling skin?Is it easy to remove a YOUNiiK® styling skin?Can bubbles occur when affixing a YOUNiiK® styling skin?What's the life period of a YOUNiiK® styling skin?How often do you publish new designs?What can I do if my device is not available in your selection?Can I order a YOUNiiK® also for other objects than the offered electronic devices?What payment methods do you offer?What about delivery times?What do you charge for shipping and delivery?
Shipping charge to European Union:
Styling skins for
- cell phones/smartphones, MP3-player, Glucotel EUR 2,95
- netbooks, handheld-consoles, bumper sticker, external HD, tablet-PC EUR 3,95
- laptops and gaming consoles EUR 4,95
- PCs EUR 5,90
- TV sets, touch-PC EUR 6,50

Shipping charge to all other countries:
- styling skins for cell phones/smartphones, MP3-Player, bumper sticker USD 9,90
- styling skins for laptops, netbooks, handheld- and gaming consoles USD 13,90

For deliveries in non EU-countries, import taxes and customs might occur for which recipient of the shipment is responsible.
Can I buy electronic devices on this website?Can I also affix the YOUNiiK® to device surfaces with previous damages?

Bubbles for fashion

Bubbling "Fashion" designs:  
"Magic Bubbles"  and "Rainbow Stars" enchant your electronics!

Uni Colours of YOUNiiK


For those preferring a monochrome styling, here are the  trend colours of the coming season for mobile phones, laptops and co. If you wish a totally individual hue: use the YOUNiiK® Designer and get your personal shade just by defining the desired background-colour.