Yes - we CAN2!

Best Pieces from YOUNiiK

Full Power coming from Mainz! YOUNiiK® offers you a selection of the best   graffitis of CAN2 for your mobile phone and other gadgets. CAN2, born in Mainz, Germany, has started his carrer in his home-town, inspired by the Mecca of Graffiti, the Bronx. His distinctive characters have a diorama effect and are markedly alive. Today, he has an international reputation and is active all over the world, so also being at home all over the world.


Here with YOUNiiK® you can get some of the famous designs of CAN2. For example, with "CAN2 Berlin Piece", you can get yourself a piece of his personal "Wall of Berlin"; "CAN2 Sao Paulo" will bring the spirit of Brazil onto your mobiles, and "CAN2 Mainz" is a hello to the place where it all started. YOUNiiK® greets CAN2!


For ordering, just select your desired CAN2 design and then click "order".

YOUNiiK® Mermaids

YOUNiiKs for mermaids

YOUNiiK® Mermaids

For all mermaid fans! Exclusively here you get the perfect style for your mobile - with YOUNiiK's collection "H2O - Just add water"


Wood for your gadgets!

Nailed doors, old fences, weathered boxes: YOUNiiK® brings wood-like appearance instead of high-tec- feeling.  And our new design "Burls"  in root-wood look gives your device a really elegant touch!

NICI goes mobile!

Exclusive with YOUNiiK!

For the friends of Jolly Mäh and all other little NICI characters: they will all find a cosy place on your mobile!

YOUNiiK® tribals

Watch out, males!

Now it's getting really cool on mobiles & co. - here are the tribals in black/white, metal appearance or colour - go and pimp your phone!

Second skin

Autumn fashion

Here are some "second skins" for your cell phone & co. Let it have something new!

Pink Ribbon

Pink RibbonBreast cancer is everybody's concern - and early detection is the crucial point! That's the mission of Pink Ribbon. And we want to help!