YOUNiiK® styling skins - the outfit for your gadget

The definition muddle keeps growing - here we tell you what a YOUNiiK® is and what it's not!


YOUNiiK® design skins are no face-plates, they are no display foils and they are also no stickers in the common sense of this term.


YOUNiiK® is just something unique - as YOUNiiK® styling skins are exactly fitted for each device type and cover the front and the back side of mobile phones, MP3-player, laptops, game console and much much more. YOUNiiKs pimp your device, protect it against environmental influences, can be removed without any residue and are available for a great variety of device types - with a permanent upward trend. YOUNiiKs sometimes are  called “skins”, “mobile phone skins”, “cell phone skins” or “mobile phone foils” - make yourself life easier and just call it YOUNiiK! 



For YOUNiiK® styling skins, we only use hig-level quality materials according to the European REACH regulations. We gain the best results in printing and stamping by use of latest technologies. Covering edges and curves wherever possible results in exact alignement to the devices’ contours and optimizes durability. After printing, YOUNiiKs are sealed with a special laminate guaranteeing a long life-cycle, color fastness and surface protection. Thus, you get a real high quality product each time when deciding for YOUNiiK. 

YOUNiiK® goes golf

Gone golfing ...

YOUNiiK® golf designs

... the most beautiful sentence for every golfer! YOUNiiK® golf designs don't help for a better handicap, but they complete your stylish outfit - even your mobile is fit for golf!

Your photo - your design

Make your own

From a photo to a very personal device styling: with the  YOUNiiK® Designer, your best photos will pop up on your mobile phone, your notebook or any other gadget. Or just get  a skin for one of our  standard sizes, then you can apply your pictures to any smooth surface. Your design - your style -your YOUNiiK!